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          5. About UsCultureSpeechDevelopmentHonorQualificationWorkshop

            1987: State-owned Gandong Medical Device Factory was established

            1998: Jiangxi Fengyuan Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. acquired the former state-owned Gandong Medical Equipment Factory, and reorganized and established Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

            2004: The first to pass the ISO13485 quality system certification and product quality CE certification of TüV Rheinland Technologies, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union and other countries.

            2006: Fuzhou production base underwent phase II plant construction

            2009: Invested 250 million yuan to establish Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in Fengcheng High-tech Park, covering an area of 237 acres.

            2010: Set up a medical device R&D center in Nanchang High-tech Zone.

            2011: Selected as the vice president unit of Jiangxi Medical Device Association and the standing director unit of China Medical Device Industry Association. "Haifenghuang" was recognized as a famous trademark in Jiangxi Province.

            2012: Passed the recognition of high-tech enterprises in Jiangxi Province, and the R&D center was awarded the provincial engineering technology R&D center.

            2013: Established an overseas business development and R&D base in Singapore-AnyCheck International Medical. Fenglin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. won the high-tech enterprise of Jiangxi Province.

            2015: Sales transformation, expansion of clinical sales team, development of clinical business.

            2017: Obtained a series of new product registration certificates, positive pressure joints, anti-needle indwelling needles, automatic liquid stop infusion sets, etc.

            2018: Take the lead in registering FLINMED's own brand overseas to open up international trade.

            2019: successfully develop the top three hospitals.



            Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology CO.,LTD.

            Add: Fengcheng Industrial Park, Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province, China

            Tel: 0795-7076111 7076108

            E-mail: flin100@126.com jxflin@hotmail.com

            Web: http://www.www.cheban2.com

            Copyright ? 2020 www.cheban2.com All Rights Reserved Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology CO.,LTD. Record n varchar: 贛ICP備20007690號-1 
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