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          5. Ideal CandidateStationEmployee
            Ideal Candidate

              First, Talent concept: People-oriented, best use of talents; talents come first, benefits later. Provide unlimited stage and create development space;

               Second, the principle of employing people: those who are able go up, those who are mediocre go down, and those who are equal let go. Set up posts due to things, employ people according to posts, and personnel are suitable;

               Three, competition principle. "Four without distinction": regardless of age, level of seniority, employee status, and length of service. "San Gong": Open competition information, open competition process, and fair results. "Three strong": strong target mission, strong action ability, and strong performance results. "One hardware": look at work performance.

               Fourth, it is the job requirement. Code of conduct: stewardship and clean. Work attitude: creative thinking, creative learning, creative work. Evaluation standard: A hero is based on performance. Requirements for managers: advocates of new ideas, see this for new things, creators of new performance.

               Fifth, is the employment mechanism. Three systems: labor relation contract system, management personnel appointment system, dynamic management normal system. Three abilities: employees can enter and leave, position can be up and down, and allocation can be more and less.

               Six, is the distribution mechanism. Three sentences: benefit determines the total distribution, position determines the distribution standard, performance determines the level of distribution.

               Seven, is the training mechanism. In order to have a high-quality workforce long ago, companies must attach great importance to training,Often accompanied by learning enterprises, the entire knowledgeable staff. Work timely training, training is also a benefit. Training is a profit center, not an original center. If you don’t train, you won’t start your job, you will be laid off if you are unqualified; if you don’t retrain you will fall behind; if you don’t study, you will fall behind.



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