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            About Us

            Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Appliance Co., Ltd is one of the leading high- tech medical device suppliers in China. We produce variety of products in many areas,which include Infusion,Injection,Testing and Analysis Instrument, Surgical Care,Breathing,Anesthesia, interventional catheter therapy and so on.

            As one of the earliest manufacturers of disposable medical appliance and other related products,we have built a professional team with high-quality talents through the last twenty years. We have two manufacturing factories, and one high-tech R&D base with Provincial-level. They covered totally 234,000 square meters. There are 30,000 square meters workshop at a 100,000 level purgative which are in accordance with ISO9001 /ISO13485 certification and CE certification. We provide various products and service with high cost performance to almost 100, 000 terminal medical institutions in domestic market, Southeast Asia,European Union and other countries. Those products and service are applied to human diagnostics, treatment and recovering etc., which based on 1, 000 quality regulations and 25 CE certifications.

            Fengliners always believe that Science and Technology can make life stronger when we develop and produce our goods.The high- tech devices can make medical process more comfortable and humanistic, and ease the pain and discomfort to patients during the treatment process.

            We provide safety and comfortable products and information for patients and medical sanitarians.We also provide reasonable solutions to customer demands. This is the philosophy which we always hold.



            Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology CO.,LTD.

            Add: Fengcheng Industrial Park, Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province, China

            Tel: 0795-7076111 7076108

            E-mail: flin100@126.com jxflin@hotmail.com

            Web: http://www.www.cheban2.com

            Copyright ? 2020 www.cheban2.com All Rights Reserved Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology CO.,LTD. Record n varchar: 贛ICP備20007690號-1 
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