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          5. About UsCultureSpeechDevelopmentHonorQualificationWorkshop

            Enterprise purpose :

            Care for life, promote human health and dedicate to create higher quality of medical devices and service

            Quality policy :

            Concentrate on each component, in order to produce goods without flaws

            Enterprise Values : 

            Rational, scientific, open, learning, innovation, teamwork and health care

            Fenglin insists:

            Customer partnership and quality control

            Continuous improvement and full testing

            Work flow and production balance

            Work standardization management visualization



            Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology CO.,LTD.

            Add: Fengcheng Industrial Park, Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province, China

            Tel: 0795-7076111 7076108

            E-mail: flin100@126.com jxflin@hotmail.com

            Web: http://www.www.cheban2.com

            Copyright ? 2020 www.cheban2.com All Rights Reserved Jiangxi Fenglin Medical Technology CO.,LTD. Record n varchar: 贛ICP備20007690號-1 
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