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            Medical equipment sales skills and medical equipment market development
            I. The current procurement procedures for medical devices:Before selling medical devices, understanding the customer’s organizational structure and working procedures can help us straighten out the work sequence and focus.

              I. The current procurement procedures for medical devices:

              Before selling medical devices, understanding the customer’s organizational structure and working procedures can help us straighten out the work sequence and focus.

              1. Organizational structure

              The department that applies for procurement in the hospital is the department or the person who uses it; the application method has oral requirements or written submissions, and the procurement application is filled in.

              The decision-making department is the dean (in charge of the dean) or the dean's meeting.

              The executive department is the equipment department, and a few are purchased by the department themselves and reported to the medical equipment department.

              2. Purchasing procedures

              2.1 Procurement of low-value and consumable medical devices

              Consumables procurement, the user makes a plan for the consumables being used, and reports to the equipment department (division or equipment department/division, hereinafter referred to as the equipment department) for procurement.

              If other brands of consumables enter, the user’s suggestion is required, the user’s department leader agrees, and the user’s department leader agrees to report it to the device department or report to the dean. After the dean’s approval, small batches of purchase and trial are required.

              2.2 Procurement of routinely used small equipment (equipment less than 10,000 yuan)

              The department will make a consumption plan and report to the equipment department for purchase.

              2.3 Procurement of large equipment (Each hospital has different restrictions on large equipment. Our equipment belongs to the scope of large equipment.)

              The basic procedure is:

              According to the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment and department management, the director of the department demonstrates and makes plans for the new project, and judges the clinical value and economic value; the decisive factor is the economic and clinical value and whether the department can carry out the project. The sales staff must pass the relevant content to the director and help the director develop a reasonable plan. If the director of the section believes that this project can gain clinical and economic value, and recognizes your company’s values and services, as well as your personal trust and recognition, he will fill in the application purchase form according to the procedure and pass it to the device section (special circumstances are To the dean); or after communicating with the dean first, write the application after obtaining permission.

              According to the procurement plan of the year, the hospital will deal with it according to the routine; or according to your work intensity, deal with it accordingly. After being approved by the dean or approved by the dean’s meeting or procurement office, it shall be submitted to the Department of Equipment for procurement.

              The equipment section chief will select one or more suppliers for multiple negotiations based on the product situation. If the work is done well, we will soon negotiate with the dean or the hospital negotiation committee to determine the details of the contract.

              There is also a situation, when the hospital uses funds from other channels to purchase, the unit or organization that will provide the funding for the project will be negotiated with the supplier. For example, government funding, foreign government or social donations, corporate hospitals funded by higher-level departments, and many foreign government loans. Different funding sources determine the time and method of your order as well as the payment.

              II. The basic model of sales:

              1. block diagram

              2. Step 1: Director's visit

              2.1 First make a visit to the director of the clinical department. During the visit, you can collect information in advance for the visit; you can also directly visit the director to obtain information.

              2.2 Visiting the director will take up most of our working time, which is a continuous visit. During the visit, there must be a plan, targeted conduct, and a good control of the rhythm. Make a record after each visit, and make plans and preparations for this visit based on the previous visit before each visit.

              2.3 The purpose of the first-stage visit to the director: 1) introduce him to products, services, companies and individual salespersons; 2) understand the relevant procedures and rules of the hospital and the director’s personal information; 3) factors that affect the follow-up work. The purpose of the second stage visit to the director: 1) bill of lading visit; 2) specific details of planning and negotiation; 3) to help the director write the purchase application report; 4) to listen to his suggestions for subsequent work and related leadership practices. The third stage visit: After the application report is submitted to the dean or the equipment department, although the first stage of the work of the director is over, it should not be careless. At this time, you should make sure that the director and you are on the same front, fighting together against competitors and hospital decision-makers, so the necessary respect and communication are often carried out. If the bid is invited, the director will be responsible for the introduction and decision-making in the bid evaluation, so the director's work is always going to be done. Even if the contract is concluded, after-sales service also visits the director to make him a window of publicity. The section director is the person who leads the door and accounts for 30-50% of sales.

              3. Step 2: Dean's visit

              3.1 The dean or dean in charge has the right to make decisions on the purchase of medical equipment. Therefore, when the director's report arrives at the dean, it is necessary to start the dean's visit. In fact, you can also contact the dean once before, and say hello in advance to pave the way for future visits. There is a trap here, and irreparable failure will happen if you don't pay attention. Some hospitals have the director in charge, but whether the director in charge can make independent decisions is what we must obtain from the director or the equipment department before visiting the director. If the dean in charge cannot manage and visits, then the dean may reject your project due to personal factors. If the dean ignores or ignores the dean, you will also fail. After getting the correct information, the point of talking with the dean is how much benefit can be gained from this project, when can the cost be recovered, and how much benefit is gained? After the content is finished, you need to inquire about some personal needs and give a clear executable plan. The dean is usually very busy, he needs to be concise and do things well. Dean accounts for 40-50% of sales

              Do these tasks well, and the dean will instruct the Department of Apparatus to contact you.

              4. Step 3: Visit by the equipment section chief

              In the entire link, the strength of the equipment section chief appears weaker. However, if the equipment section chief cannot accomplish something, it can be a bad thing, or even a complete bad thing, or make things difficult for him to kill the price or require service. So this link is very important. The equipment section chief must first review the qualification of the equipment, and all documents and materials must be submitted in accordance with the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices. The equipment section chief is responsible for business negotiations. He may not understand the machine, but understands the business requirements and terms of service, etc. The salesperson completely expresses in accordance with the company's unified service promise, and special requirements are determined by the company's leadership. The equipment section chief is responsible for negotiating prices, but what he is talking about is not the price; many deans will intervene in price negotiations and need to give the deans face. As soon as the salesperson has to plan for the price gradient, he has to perform well, and he has to make more requests. The contract and other details need to be checked and implemented by the equipment section chief. So it is necessary to do the work of the section chief in advance. Installation acceptance and payment collection are also the responsibility of the equipment section chief.

              During the entire visit, the section chief must be treated with the same respect, and the director or dean must not be used to suppress the section chief. The relationship between the section chief and the dean is extraordinary. The section chief has information about the dean; the section chief knows how to make each order, and if he helps you, you will succeed. The section chief accounts for 20% of the entire sales. Accounted for 50% under special circumstances.

              III. Constitution in sales work:

              1. Sales is a reasonable distribution of the interests of you and your customers, striving to maximize the interests.

              2. Always respect customers and their interests in the sales process

              3. The sales process needs to be realistic

              4. Sales are individual responsibility under a team

              5. Unify the company's value, service and commitment during the sales process

              6. Medical device sales are long-distance visits based on individuals, requiring "precaution" and focus to win the respect of customers.

              7. Relevant agreement of the company.

              IV. Required skills and qualities

              1. Professional salespersons are not necessarily good, but good salespersons must be professional.

              2. Be an honest person and do things down-to-earth. In addition to the lack of product knowledge, the customers we have contacted may be higher than us in other aspects. Regardless of the director, dean or equipment section chief, they have contacted a large number of business personnel, well-informed, and small movements are easy to be spotted and lose their respect and trust. My personal opinion is to return to the basics.

              3. Perseverance and seriousness. When your behavior shows your trust and seriousness in your products, the other party will become serious. You are confident that you can bring benefits to the other party, and the other party will also be infected by you. Only persistence can succeed.

              4. Professional sales behaviors: including etiquette, orderliness, rigorous and tactful speech, etc.

              5. I hope everyone can develop their medical device market well.



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