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            Where will traditional medical film go in the Internet age
            In recent years, Internet technology has impacted various traditional rules, flooding every corner of life and business. The State Council "Platform" promotes the development of Internet-based medical and health services by "Internet+", supports third-par

              In recent years, Internet technology has impacted various traditional rules, flooding every corner of life and business. The State Council "Platform" promotes the development of Internet-based medical and health services by "Internet+", supports third-party institutions to build medical information sharing service platforms such as medical images, health files, test reports, and electronic medical records, and gradually establishes cross-hospital medical data sharing and exchange standards system. Encourage Internet companies to cooperate with medical institutions to establish medical network information platforms, strengthen the integration of regional medical and health service resources, and actively explore the Internet to extend medical advice, electronic prescriptions and other network medical and health services applications.

               In 2018, Zhejiang, Liaoning and other provinces successively introduced charging policies for digital imaging services, and "Cloud Film" entered the charging catalog, laying a policy foundation for the popularization of "Cloud Film" services. The policy supports Internet + medical care and encourages cloud film to enter the medical service market! With the continuous clarification of policies, the "cloud film" is unstoppable.

               On April 5, the Fifth Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University in Zhejiang issued the "Announcement on the Collection of Digital Imaging Service Fees." The public announcement made it clear that this top tertiary hospital was scheduled to start implementing digital imaging services on April 15th, with a fee of 20 yuan each time.

              This is the first third-class hospital in Zhejiang Province after the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission (formerly Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission) and the Price Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Approving Digital Image Service Fees and Other Related Matters" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") Announcement to start digital imaging service!

               In this document from Zhejiang Province, “the charging standard of provincial public hospitals is no more than 20 yuan per person per examination” is very eye-catching.

               From an economic point of view: After the deployment of cloud film services, some patients voluntarily choose more convenient cloud film. Hospitals reduce the number of traditional film purchases and purchase cloud film services instead, reducing procurement costs and increasing profits.

              From a service perspective: After the deployment of cloud film services, hospitals have given patients one more choice. This service based on mobile internet technology is the general trend.

              From the perspective of hospital informatization construction: Cloud film service deployment has enriched the content of patient-centric services and fully meets the needs of all types of patients.

               The cloud storage of image examination files saves the storage space of hospital image data, and effectively improves the performance of online storage by reducing the amount of stored data.

              Meet the requirements for long-term preservation of medical information, and ensure the authenticity, integrity and availability of information and data through life cycle management technology.

               is alarmism? Or is it crisis-ridden?

               Seeing this kind of news, the film manufacturers were unable to accurately determine the market weather vane, so they began to worry, how long is the traditional film? Is it transforming and upgrading, or holding on to the ground?

               However, in addition to the anxiety of the film manufacturers, there are thousands of agents hiding behind the film manufacturers, thinking that traditional film will collapse in an instant as the information says.

               The electronic film fee model is not clear, and the profit model is not clear

               The medical market always advocates the Internet to subvert the traditional medical model, but after all, the Chinese medical market involves all institutions and people, including hospitals, patients, doctors, and equipment manufacturers. Every policy affects the whole body.

               Ali Health has made a big deal in medicine, which fully shows that the current medical model cannot be easily shaken. There are too many market rules in this industry, and the complexity of the leading industry's transformational forces is not comparable to that of other industries. The final consumer actually does not have the ability to lead the medical transformation.

               Although it is said that electronic film is a trend, when it will explode, it is really uncertain.

               I simulated the electronic film fee model and profit model. 

               Actually, many film agencies are still on the sidelines of electronic film. First, I don’t know where the profit of electronic film is. Second, most medical services follow the policy, and electronic film has not been officially included in the charging items.

               I have learned about the charging mode of electronic film.

              1 is charged per person. If the radiology department of the hospital has 1,000 people filming today, then it will be charged as 1,000 people, and if 2,000 people are filming tomorrow, it will be charged as 2,000 people.

              2 is a package fee. The hospital estimates the number of people filming each day, and the electronic film provider conducts a trial operation for 1-3 months. The annual fee is directly charged to the package price.

               I have simulated the charging mode of electronic film. The purchase price of secondary hospitals is about 500,000-900,000 per year, which is a drop in the price of traditional film purchases of 7 million per year. If the electronic film completely replaces the traditional film, the cost will indeed be reduced for the hospital, and the sales for the film agent will fall.

               But! !

              The most important thing is that there is no hard cost for electronic film! So overall, the profit of electronic film is not much different from that of traditional film, and service fees are also charged annually.

               At this stage, traditional film and electronic film coexist in symbiosis.

               Many people say that electronic film is the terminator of traditional film. I don't agree with this concept. At this stage, traditional film and electronic film must be in a state of symbiosis and coexistence.

               1. At present, electronic film can optimize the process for the radiography department of hospitals and provide patients with more convenient services. It does not conflict with traditional film.

              2. In some special scenes, such as operating rooms, traditional film still has its convenient characteristics.

               3. Electronic film is based on pacs informatization. In some remote areas, informatization is insufficient. Traditional film is still the main medium of imaging.

              Electronic film will affect the entire traditional film market, but it is unrealistic to say that traditional film has disappeared. The transition between the two has a slow process.



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