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            Digitalization of medical devices is a trend
            With the great development of mobile medicine, the development of medical equipment itself has also reached a moment of change. Although the electronicization of medical devices has been developed for a long time, the data generated by these devices canno

              With the great development of mobile medicine, the development of medical equipment itself has also reached a moment of change. Although the electronicization of medical devices has been developed for a long time, the data generated by these devices cannot be interconnected, requiring medical staff to manually record them and then sort them into electronic medical records, which affects the efficiency of consultation. The interconnection of various medical devices has become the next hot spot.

              According to a survey conducted by the Gary and Mary West Health Institute in the United States, more than half of nurses reported that they saw the occurrence of medical errors mainly because of the inability to communicate between medical devices. Some devices can be indirectly connected to electronic medical records, but most of them still need to be recorded manually by nurses, which greatly increases the possibility of data errors. The resulting errors have caused the United States to increase medical expenses by 30 billion U.S. dollars (USD) annually.

               Most of the medical devices have been electronic, but the interconnection of these medical devices has not yet started. Although the development of mobile medical is in full swing, most of the products are still mass consumer products, not medical products. Future medical devices may need to add data transmission functions and integrate them on the EHR platform, which can not only reduce medical errors, but also improve efficiency.

              From the perspective of the interconnection of medical devices, electronic medical records will once again play a pivotal role, integrating data from different devices to provide a reference for diagnosis. And mobile nursing can obtain further service improvement through this evolution.

              In-hospital mobile care is the biggest beneficiary. Mobile care outside the hospital is mainly focused on rehabilitation and chronic disease management. After all, the demand for medical equipment is limited, and more is to solve the problem of data accuracy and transmission. The mobile nursing in the hospital is mainly concentrated in the ward, each patient needs multiple instruments, and the coordination between the instruments is very important. The interconnection of medical equipment will greatly improve the efficiency of the ward and reduce the error rate of nursing staff. Nursing staff gather and upload the information in real time, and quickly send it to the doctor to make diagnosis and treatment decisions, which is of greater help for patients with severe illness.

               The ability of mobile care will be improved. Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials and other similar or related items used directly or indirectly on the human body, including the required computer software. With the interconnection of medical devices, nurses can bring a variety of medical devices to the door for service and send back data in real time, which helps doctors provide remote diagnosis for patients with limited mobility. This is a very valuable service for postoperative and chronic patients. Intimate doctor's professional service in chronic disease management has excellent performance advantages (explanation: can overwhelm the other party's favorable situation), not only can return data, effectively help doctors follow-up, and patient medication rehabilitation guidance.

               Finally, the efficiency of mobile care will be improved. With the development from doctor-centered to patient-centered, mobile care will become an important part of patient services. However, the premise of mobile nursing is that the data that the diagnosis relies on must be accurate and timely, so that a reasonable plan can be formulated quickly and accurately to help patients recover. The interconnection between medical devices will reduce errors and improve the ability to transmit data, which greatly improves the efficiency of mobile care. I believe that in the near future, Caring Doctor will contribute to improving the work efficiency of doctors and improving the medical experience of patients.



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